The Magic of Make Up

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Does it ever bother you that women spend so much time fixing themselves? Or do you ever wonder why they do the things they do? If you’re a man and you are asking these questions, that would be understandable. If on the other hand you’re a woman and you are asking these questions, try looking at yourself in the mirror if indeed you still look like one. The point here is that the answers to these questions are all valid reasons no woman should be ashamed about. 

First and foremost, being a woman means that you should be refined, beautiful and surprisingly, courageous. Refined in such a way that you belong to the race of humankind that takes utmost care of the succeeding generation with the unconditional motherly love only women can provide, beautiful in your own way and courageous enough to do what makes you feel happy and alive.

Some women may shy away from using make up for the wrong notion of other people thinking of them as sluts or bitches. Really, wearing make up is not a sin. Make up is an art where the canvas is your face and you are the artist that decides what story you want to tell in your painting.

Just because you wear make up it doesn’t mean that you are vain or superficial. It simply means that you have come to terms with your womanhood and that you have realized the fact that you are not perfect and that some things like make up are created to enhance your natural beauty.

Although it is very commendable to think that you may be well starting to learn to apply make up on your own nevertheless, it is always good to start as a student which means, you must find ways to where you may learn from people who have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to make up.

Make up has many different subtopics, nevertheless the parameter of a good make up, the point wherein it is almost a make or break deal is through one’s eye make up. Among the different subtopics of make up such as the right coverage, right application of blush, right shade of lipstick, right amount of mascara, the right blend of eye make up would perhaps prove to be the most challenging yet at the same time the most rewarding.

Usually it is through eye make up where an artist can fully express himself or herself because it is the component of make up that can be comprised with a lot more colors than other aspects of make up.


Just like clothes, shoes and even songs, make up follows a trend and the trend for this year’s spring and summer would be that of runway make up. Sure enough, the runway caters to almost all kinds of artistic genre.





From the nude to the sexy to the gothic and even eccentric, runway fashion has defined the artistic industry for women. If it is not high fashion, then it is no fashion at all. That is how the way things work nowadays.

No need to fret though since runway fashion and/or make up is just all about everything. Nonetheless, specifics wouldn’t hurt I guess? It used to be when extravagant was always something more. But that was a long time ago when hairspray made hairs hilariously gigantic and the ozone layer pitifully torn. Today, what is more appealing is the concept of nudity. Not in the naked clothing less way I tell you. Being naturally beautiful is absolutely adorable but as what Calvin Klein said, “The best way is to look natural.

But it takes make up to look natural.” So unless you are miraculously blessed with porcelain skin and eye bags- free eyes with perfectly curved lashes that can be distinguished 3 meters far with luscious pink lips, then you have no or little need for make up. For the rest and more human part of the race however, you must admit that a little wave of your cosmetic wand goes a long way.The best thing about looking natural is for the most of the manly men out there and for those who aren’t very keen observers they would readily believe how naturally gorgeous you are. Little do they know that you had a little concealer over here and the pint of lip gloss over there.

This kind of make up will make it look like being beautiful for you is effortless because this kind of make up doesn’t make it look like you have any make up at all. People would think you were born a goddess. This kind of make up is achieved with subtle hues of earthen colors, usually matte or with very little shimmer. Not too much eyeliner or mascara, just enough to give your eyes a little more depth. This look is great to wear both at day and night so it is best to put on when you have a long day ahead of you without enough time in between to change your make up.

The next equally famous type of runway fashion eye make up is bright eye make up. It is true that donning on bright eye make up needs a good deal of good taste especially in combining a whole look. You want to look like high fashion, not a trashy drag queen. Yes it would take you a little bit of courage to wear this kind of make up but you have to remember that variety is the spice of life. Every now and then you need something new to keep yourself vibrant and youthful.

Bright eye make can be done by applying a single color all over the lid or by combining and carefully blending complementary colors. When you’ve had enough practice and when you have educated yourself well enough in the dos and don’ts of bright eye make up, you will see for yourself how fun it could actually get. The hottest color of this year’s spring and summer trends would be orange, red, pistachio green, tundra green, yellow and purple.

Last but not the least, an eye make up usually used by the Angels of the runway that convey nothing else but sultry and sexy is the smoky eye make up. This look is achieved by combining and blending different hues of the darker side of your eye make up palette. Usually these are colors of black, grey, dark brown, dark green or even dark purple. The darkness emphasizes the depth of your eyes and it also makes your eyes look bigger and gives it a feel of mystery.

Who doesn’t love mystery? Having smoky eyes on a dinner date will surely captivate a man’s heart and will emphasize how desirable you are. The art in smoky eyes look is that the colors are blended in very thoroughly so much so that it will appear that you only have one eye color on when in fact you have at least 2 or three. Since the eyes are the windows to the soul, having smoky sexy eyes will denote how sexy you can be even without showing too much skin. Remember, actions always speak louder than words and a bat or two of your smoky eyes will denote your feelings of attraction and love more than words or smiles.




Eye make up is something that needs patience and practice. It is also something that must be learned. What good would your killer wardrobe be when your face looks like a retarded clown? You must also take into regard your skin tone for some colors will always remain as a taboo for eye make up for certain skin tones.







Once again make up is there to enhance beauty. Women should learn to utilize it. Being beautiful and feeling beautiful will radiate confidence and happiness so much so that even strangers will notice. Feeling good about one’s self is the secret to living a happy and contented life. What’s more, it may even be your gateway to the fairytale romance you’ve always been waiting for. More often than not, it is true that all the good men are taken but more importantly it is truer that the best men take the best women.

So what are you waiting for? Ditch that crazy idea of make up being something unnecessary. Go out there and buy yourself a good set of make up. Mind you, a lot of good make brands up aren’t all that expensive as you think they are. Remember however that the items you buy suits your unique skin needs best. Learn from the experts via magazines, televisions and more commonly the internet.











There are countless of tutorial videos in the internet that will greatly help you in your endeavor of being a good make up artist. Even if you don’t entirely become a professional make up artist, what is important is that you learn enough and practice enough and become good enough to finally see the difference enhanced beauty can bring into your life.







Plus, this is only make up. There’s nothing invasive or life threatening or illegal here so just go for it. And always remember, every day, every moment of your life is worth facing with a beautiful face.



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