A cave adventure

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According to historians, at the time of the Mayans, the water level was lower and the tribes could calmly walk near these places. However, the water preserved the unique beauty from barbarous destruction. This ensures that all visitors can touch a piece of history and spirit of the Maya. Inside the cave are many fossils, which formed over hundreds of years maybe even a millennium.


Ambrosio Cave – Cuba, Varadero

In the year 1961 at the Ambrosio cave was found 72 stone drawings, refurbishing the solar calendar. On the stone blocks were discovered black and Red images-pictograms that represent the concentric circles. The cave itself was formed thanks to underwater currents that washed the niche in the rock. The cave is one of a kind in terms of value of naturalcaves in the Caribbean.


A cave adventure

Huanglong cave in Wulingyuan – China, Hunan

Huanglong cave can be found inside the Park „Sosiûj". Huanglong is also known under the second title – the Yellow Dragon Cave. The cave has four levels and to circumvent them all would require not less than two and a half hours. In the cave complex is situated a Lake, two rivers, three waterfalls, thirteen conference rooms and several dozen walking galleries.

Huanglong cave has a very original design, its interior decoration: stalagmites, stalactites and walkways all illuminated with colorful lights. Highlighting the stalagmite height of nineteen meters, i. e. equal to a six-story house. In Yellow Dragon Cave you will have to walk — a large number of steps and stairs. Relaxing at a brak only during the water plot route — 1 km boat ride on an underground river.


Baharden cave- Turkmenistan, Ashgabat

Near the town of Beherder is located Baharden cave. Its location was known since the 18th century. Scientific information about a lake in this cave was gathered in the year 1896. After this was discovered, the locals of the city of Ashgabat started to tour the cave to enjoy the view of the beautiful subterranean lake and its marveles ambience. Then this cave started being surveyed by geologists who have since compiled a precise depiction of this one of a kind underwater heaven. The cave is situated in Mount Dugun. Near the entrance of the Bahardenskuûcave in the abyss, is the source of Kou, which  is releasing  water from underground lake caves on the top. You can reach the cave by five entrances. It is basically a huge Hall, wrapped in limestone. The depth of the cave is 55 meters. In one area of the cave you will be able to view a big and beautiful lake. Its length is 75 m, width: 23 meters and the depth reaches 14 metres. The water in the Lake is surprisingly warm, around 37 degrees Celsius. In the cave the humidity level is high and the air is imbued with hydrogen sulphide. This wonderful place is home to bats, pigeons, various rodents and choughs. This makes the cave surprisingly remarkable and its wildlife, not only unique and beautiful for contemplation. It’s a real popular resorts, rather than just a natural attraction.

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