United Arab Emirates

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United Arab Emirates

Tourist centers of the U.A.E. - The most popular among tourists are:

Abu Dhabi

The city is the capital of the U.A.E. There you can enjoy the abundance of beaches and a huge number of attractions. In the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, many villages have preserved the traditions of the Emirates.


The complete opposite of noisy Abu Dhabi and quite suitable for travellers seeking high quality vacation at an affordable price. The Emirate has established itself as a great place for a relaxing family holiday.


A place where you will be extremely unlucky to get bored even once. Dubai is a paradise for shopaholics, but you need to be alert of the possibility that your wallet after a Dubai holiday would considerably „lose weight".

Umm Al-Guwain

„Universal" Emirate, where it will be equally great for couples with children and lovers.


Homely Emirate with excellent excursion options and the opportunity to improve your health in the local natural sulphur springs.


The most silent of all of the Emirates countries, as loud music and alcohol sales are banned there. Although a great place for a holiday with young children.

Customs and traditions of the U.A.E.

Again when going to the Emirates, it should be kept in mind that it is a Muslim country. That is why it is important to know the local customs.


On the territory of the U.A.E. operates almost complete „dry law". The Alcohol is prohibited completeley  only in Sharjah. The rest of the Emirates are more exposed to alcohol use, but even there you can only buy alcohol at bars and restaurants.

To import alcohol into the country is strictly prohibited. Everything with alcohol content would be seized by custom control.

It is prohibited to drink alcohol in public places. And beer is no exception. The emergence of „drunk in public" may result in expulsion from the country or in some extreme cases even an arrest.

Behavior on the street

During walking, you should always carry documents because the police have every right to demand them for inspection.

The Emirates has no problems with baskets for rubbish, but if such as a piece of paper is thrown on the ground, you would have to pay a fine.

On the streets of Emirates you will never meet people’s munching because therewhile walking here.

Tourists, not professing the Islamic faith, is included in the mosque is forbidden.True, there are exceptions. If you decide to explore this mosque, remember thatwhen you log on, make sure that you take off your shoes.

Communication with local residents

If you received an invitation from a local resident to visit his house, the refusal in this case amounted to contempt. Shoes at the entrance is a must, otherwise you may cause the owner of serious insult.

Conversation should be on neutral topics. Ask the owner of the House questions concerning his wife, is strictly prohibited. You can only be interested in the whole family.

It is impossible to photograph palaces of sheikhs, as well as local women. Thiscategory also apply to military targets, flags and municipal institutions.


Here you must be very careful. Callers are considered an insult outfits, t. e. nakedbelly and bare feet. Short skirts and too open dresses, shorts, shawls, and similargarments use is not worth it. The emergence of „topless" on the beach or by the pool is also forbidden, but was permitted to wear bathing suits or tank tops andshorts.

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