San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

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The symbol of the city is, without a doubt, the Golden Gate Bridge. Almost three kilometers long, the bridge has remained the largest suspension bridge in the world. It is located in the Golden Gate Bay, whence its name. Bay, in turn, owes its name to the city’s arriving enormous threads during the gold rush.

The second most popular place is the famous prison, located on the island of Alcatraz. Sverhukreplennaâ prison was intended for repeative offenders and very dangerous criminals. Upon entering the jail you would have noticed a hanging inscription: „Broke the law — he was in prison, broke the law in prison — hit in Alcatraz.’’ Escaping from the prison was virtually impossible. If a prisoner had somehow managed to penetrate the wall of the prison you would have been watching a science fiction novel film spin off. Given the very serious security system, the island was separated from the Mainland by the strait icy waters with strong currents that left no chance for the survival of the fugitive. During the existence of the prisons had been committed fourteen escape attempts, two of which, according to unofficial sources, have been successful, as neither the people nor the bodies have been found, the runaways are still missing. In 1963 the prison was closed due to its very large expenses. Currently, the large flow of tourists pays for all of the maintenance costs of the former prison, which has now become a museum.

San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Another recognizable place in San Francisco is Lombard Street. I must say that the city is located on the quite high hills, and in the creation of this road, the city authorities felt that the direct descent was too hazardous, and it was constructed on the roadlength 400 m downhill in eight 27 degrees turns. For this Lombard Street is considered to be the crookedest Street in the world.

All the hills of San Francisco have their name. Street Lomabrd Street is located in the Russian Hill, and her curve turns are called „Russian slides. But the most popular is the Hill of twin peaks, offering stunning views over the entire city.

One and a half hour drive from the city and you’ll hit Napa Valley – famous for its vineyards. American wine connoisseurs are not at all in demand and are not particularly good, but the Californian wines are the pleasant exception. Vineyards there were formed almost by accident. During the gold rush prospectors in bought up plots of land for the extraction of gold in huge quantities. Later when it turned out that the gold wasn’t there, over those lands were planted grapes. Thanks to the favorable climate, vineyards grew rapidly and produced a very good harvest. Most popular travel option is the tourist Valley wine train, which treat passengers with wine and snacks, and during the stops they show the vineyards.

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