Ten Gadgets that Changed Our Lives

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Forget about the mobiles that introduced us to the new era of wireless technology. Let’s consider smartphones for now. These products redefined our very ways of lives. Those of you who own one will agree with me in a snap. It’s not just about making and receiving phone calls anymore. Now, you can watch movies, take pictures, watch videos, watch TV, listen to NEWS, surf the internet, look for directions, access the social networks, access YouTube etc. You name it, and the smartphones will be able to it for you and all they require is working data. They make your life easier on so many levels it’s not even funny anymore. I just wonder what the coming years hold for human kind.


There were flat screens, plasmas, LCDs, LEDs, HDTVs and now the era of 3D TV is slowly pushing in. 3D technology has literally changed the way we watched movies or television. It has become more interesting, more intense and more real. 3D technology is very much incorporated in the Cinemas worldwide and it’s such an experience watching a 3D movie. Now, the 3D technology is slowly starting to make its way to your very homes in form of televisions. It is slow, but give it a couple of years and see what happens.

 3. TIVO

Tivo was a revolutionary product. With the ability to pause live TV, record shows and play them at your convenience, recording shows at a specific time automatically, Tivo made our TV viewing experience, well, convenient. Now, we never worry about missing a show or a movie that we like. We can just program our trusty old Tivo to record it for us and then we can play it whenever we feel comfortable.


Gone are the days when we had black and white cameras. Gone are they days where you had to buy a film and could take 32 to 34 pictures at max. Gone are the days where you took pictures directly on a CD. As I mentioned earlier, we are in the digital age. Digital cameras totally revolutionized the imagery experience. With a lot more functions and an even more memory, a digital camera is a must for short and long trips and vacations.


Bluetooth paved its way into the world very quietly and very fast and soon enough everyone was accustomed with it and now it has become one of the chief discoveries when it comes to wireless technology. Bluetooth has unlimited applications, from photo and video sharing, to wirelessly giving out print commands and even turning your handheld device into a remote. Plus, Bluetooth is an astonishing discovery to say the least and it turns out to be at our fifth spot.


When I say tablets I am being totally unbiased so it can be the iPad or the Galaxy Tab or the Motorola Tab etc. This particular invention brought are laptops and netbooks right into the palm of our hands and that too with epic beauty. The tablets can perform the most basic and the most complex functions of a computer machine all the while being able to serve as a phone and something to play with and now we have a lot of different varieties to choose from. Even though I do not own a tablet, I am well aware of its advantages and its many applications.

7. GPS

GPS is something that I have used a lot since I got a smart phone. You can throw me into any part of the world with this device, and I will turn up exactly where you want me to, no questions asked. Google maps is such a huge compliment to the GPS, it’s not even funny. For the frequent travelers out there, a GPS is a must and they know exactly what I’m talking about. GPS will not only give you directions but most of the times will find you exactly what you are looking for whether it’s a gas station, a place to eat or even a motel.


The webcam heavily influenced the communication technologies used these days. It came out as a gadget for the computer paving way for the video-chatting functionality. Slowly but steadily, front-facing cameras were introduced on the smartphones etc. for the exact same purpose. Video-chatting is one way to reduce the distance between loved ones and I think that it was an awesome gadget still is.


Remember the mp3 music players that all of us were so proud to own. Well, the iPod was just that except that it was only like a hundred times better. It helped squeeze music into a tiny little gadget that we can carry around with us at all times. Not just music, really good quality music at that.


This little gadget created a path to the 3DS and the PlayStation Vita and PSP. It made our travelling a hell of lot easier. The graphics of course were nothing compared to what we have now, but well what do you expect from the first of its kind? Nevertheless, Nintendo Gameboy is something that brightened our lives in many ways.

This is it for our list of ten gadgets that changed our lives. Let us know in the comments if we missed any.



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