Kunshan Huafan Awarded Ant Financial Gold Provider Award 2015

Recently, Ant Financial Services Group launched an annual evaluation of its partners for its performance in 2015. Kunshan Huafan Information Service Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of 800 TeleServices, was awarded the “Golden Provider” award and became the only partner to receive this honor in 2015. The award ceremony was held at the Kunshan Huafan Operations Center, and the leader and members of the Alipay project team attended the event together with the relevant leaders of Ant Financial.

Pic above: Ant Financial representative Qi Ai (left) and 800 TeleServices Assistant Vice President Li Zhang (right) take a commemorative photo

The award ceremony was kicked off with a speech by the assistant vice president of 800 TeleServices Group, Li Zhang (Qi Tian). During the event, a number of awards such as the “Golden Earpiece”, “Best Quality Inspection”, “Best Lecturer”, “Customer Spokesperson” and “Best Team” awards were awarded. The leaders of Ant Financial Service each gave an award to teams and individuals with outstanding performances to encourage them to keep making progress and to achieve further success in their future work. Fun games and talent shos were interspersed through the event, and smiles and applause were unending. In the final summary speech, Ant Financial representative Qi Ai expressed her gratitude to Huafan's team for their support, and expressed her sincere congratulations on the award.

As a leader in the call center outsourcing industry, Huapan  insists on bringing more benefits to its clients with its high-quality, high-efficiency services. At the same time, the company's flexible business model has also been able to meet the uninterrupted business development needs of different types of companies, and has therefore has gained the repeated recognition by clients. Through continuous expansion of service channels and innovative service models, the service quality and service level have been further improved. At present, Huafan has incorporated big data analysis into its service scope, and after combing complex data information, it presents customers with more intuitive and detailed analysis, focusing on customer concerns, making targeted reports, and providing recommendations. Over the years, Huafan's insistence on innovation has continued endlessly, not only further promoting the humanization and differentiated development of services, but also developing a series of excellent system software for different projects, and constantly pushing the service reputation to new heights.

This award is undoubtedly a full recognition and affirmation of Huafan's efforts in the past year, and also highlights future hopes and expectations for the continued partnership between the companies. With the joint efforts of both sides, future cooperation are sure to allow both to achieve new highlights, new achievements and new breakthroughs.