800 TeleServices Wins TOP Global Outsourcing Service Providers in China 2014 – BPO Top 15 Award

On March 22nd, the “2014 Global Top Service Outsourcing City – China Top 15” (TGOD China TOP15) was held at the 4th China Service Outsourcing Leaders Conference held in Hefei, Anhui Province, jointly sponsored by Devott, Tholons and Clutch. 800 TeleServices Group once again won the industry award in the BPO industry benchmark. This is the fourth time after 2010, 2012, and 2013.


 Pic: 800 TeleServices award

This time, apart from the TOP series company appraisals that have continued for the past 7 years, the organizers also carried out innovative integration, breakthroughs and changes, and introduced the professional thinking and vitality of international service outsourcing for the first time. TGOD-China TOP15 selects a city selection system that is compatible with Chinese characteristics and international service outsourcing standards – the "Dingshao-Tholons Global Outsourcing Destination Evaluation System", support for "multinational team, cross-checking, mutual supervision", and delegated senior professional outsourcing consultants with over 10 years of international outsourcing consulting experience as judges, and using quantitative analysis, taking into account the latest global methodology, multidimensional dynamic database from service outsourcing enterprises' service capabilities and experience, human resource allocation capabilities, finance and credit, infrastructure and technological level, risk and safety protocols and corporate strategic value, and many other aspects to accurately assess Chinese outsourcing suppliers. In the end, 800 TeleServices once again stood out as a leader with nearly 20 years of rich industry experience.

800 TeleServices Chairman and CEO Mr. Alex Wong personally receieved the award during the dinner. Regarding the company's fourth time winning the award, he said, “Although the selection criteria for the TOPS series have become more stringent and internationalized, the company has been  committed to the development of outsourcing call centers and e-commerce operations, and successfully helped the world's leading leaders in many fields to develop call centers and e-commerce businesses, accumulating in hotels, finance, 3C electronics, real estate, cosmetics and other industries, building up practical experience that made the company fully meet the internationalized high-quality service level of the selection. In the future, 800 TeleServices will continue to form strategic partnerships with many renowned enterprises, strengthen our group's call center and e-commerce one-stop solutions and customized big data services, to provide a more comprehensive and high-quality service for global customers to expand the Chinese market."