800 TeleServices Gives Talk On Internet+ Intergration Development At Xuzhou Service Outsourcing Innovation Forum

Recently, the Xuzhou Service Outsourcing Innovation Development Summit Forum and Xuzhou Network Economy and Service Outsourcing Project Investment Promotion Conference  2016 was held in Xuzhou, jointly hosted by the CPC Gulou District Committee, Gulou District People's Government and Xuzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce. The meeting invited many government-related department leaders, industry authoritative experts, and associations and business representatives in e-commerce, service outsourcing, trade and circulation, to discuss the new direction of Xuzhou's service outsourcing industry and Internet industry, and promotion of the service outsourcing and network economy of Xuzhou, in order to allow comprehensive integration and rapid development.


Haorong Gu, Director of Business Development and Customer Service at 800 TeleServices, was invited to attend the conference and gave a speech based on the company's own innovation and development.  The theme of “Internet + New Service Innovation Practice” was deeply elaborated and analyzed.  He highlighted the "EMIS Property Management  System" developed in-house using Internet technology. This system has obtained the national independent development copyright, and has a centralized and unified back-end service platform, which can not only quickly set indicators, automatically distribute work orders, but also provide complete data display and real-time warning reminders. At the same time, using the mobile app functions and the extension of the WeChat application, the real-time synchronization of data is perfectly realized, and according to accurate data analysis, the hidden information is deeply interpreted, and targeted services are provided for different users. EMIS is like a highway that is well-connected, bringing together all the data generated during the service process and then delivering the most useful information to each user in an orderly manner.


800 TeleServices' Shaorong Gu presents his speech


The advantages of EMIS are particularly prominent in specific project cases. For example, in cooperation with a world-renowned property management consulting company, in order to better serve customers, our company pioneered the dual service model of “Internet” + “Manual Customer Service” to combine EMIS with call center services. Apart from 24/7 customer services, and comprehensive system development and maintenance, intelligently collected user lists, manage all services and facilities, and improve efficiency through mobile terminals, improving response times. This innovative approach of integrating the Internet with modern voice services has changed the inherent management model, and can be carefully tailored to the needs of clients, providing a new solution to modern property management. The speech was unanimously praised by the guests present, and attracted widespread attention from the industry. Many participants expressed their hope to have a better understanding of EMIS.


At present, China's service outsourcing industry is at a critical stage of transformation and upgrading, and the development of the Internet platform has gradually become the mainstream direction. In response to this phenomenon, Director Gu said that the service outsourcing industry should break the geographical restrictions, form new gatherings and interactions via the Internet platform, and focus on innovation and research and development to improve the level of service outsourcing in order to achieve industrial upgrading and sustainable development. As an industry leader in domestic service outsourcing, 800 TeleServices has always regarded innovation as the main driving force of enterprise development, constantly innovating the company's service model, in order to continue staying at the forefront of the current era. In the future, 800 TeleServices will continue to carry out the mission of industry advancement  as always, in order to satisfy new changing needs, and set a benchmark for the new development of the service outsourcing industry.