800 TeleServices Holds Shanghai-Hong Kong Youth Professional Cooperation Forum

Recently, the Shanghai-Hong Kong Youth Professional Cooperation Forum co-sponsored by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Pudong Association and Shanghai Hong Kong Federation was held in Shanghai Pudong New Area. Leaders from various industries and more than 300 representatives of Shanghai and Hong Kong youths conducted in-depth research and discussed topics such as the finance, high-tech and cultural industries through keynote speeches and group discussions, and jointly working towards new innovative developments in the Pudong district. The exchanges and cooperation between Shanghai and Hong Kong were conducted in the hope of ushering in the new stage and new opportunities for cooperation and development between the two cities.


Mr. Alex Wong, Chairman and CEO of 800 TeleServices, was invited to attend the forum. During the event, he gave a keynote speech based on the company's own development, and shared the entrepreneurial process behind 800 TeleServices' development in Pudong. As one of the representative enterprises for investment in Shanghai and Hong Kong, 800 TeleServices Group was established in 1997 in Hong Kong, and Shanghai Huafan was established in 2002 in Pudong, Shanghai. He pointed out that Pudong has four major development advantages, namely: a large-scale market, and thus rich in human resource talents; professional government services that are efficient and convenient; a concentration of high-tech enterprises with government support is strong; and an open free trade market, which makes investment procedures easier, making trade development more convenient. In the process of development, the company fully utilized these advantages, and through policy and continuous innovation, successfully expanded its business scope to customer interaction, e-commerce, data analysis, mobile property management platforms, digital media promotion program, and operation site management, and more areas. Currently, the company has seven call operation centers in Greater China, including Shanghai, Kunshan, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xi'an, Hong Kong and Taipei, with operations in major Asia Pacific regions. He urged Hong Kong youth to increase their understanding of Pudong, and encouraged them to find opportunities and realize their self-worth in the next round of development in Pudong.


Pic above: 800 TeleServices Chairman and CEO Mr. Alex Wong presents a keynote speech at the event.


In the panel discussion afterwards, Mr. Wong spoke on the theme of New Opportunities for Innovation and Investment Development. He stated that Shanghai-Hong Kong cooperation is the current trend. Pudong has a leading position in Shanghai thanks to four pillars of international economy, finance, trade and shipping. The industrial advantages between Hong Kong and Pudong are also similar. The two places can not only complement each other but also have a lot of room for cooperation. With the further deepening of policies such as reforms and opening up policies, Shanghai and Hong Kong enterprises should actively build innovative platforms, expand high-tech business, create an innovation-driven development and operation model, and establish new mechanisms to motivate employees. In the process of development, enterprises should always pay attention to the transformation of the market and the innovation of science and technology, and make adjustments to their own enterprises in real time in order to continue  development.


The speech won the enthusiastic reception from the participants. It not only gave a clear picture of the opportunities and challenges of the new era from the perspective of enterprises, but also built a beautiful blueprint for exchanges and cooperation between Shanghai and Hong Kong.


Alongside the deepening of Shanghai-Hong Kong cooperation, more and more professionals will find opportunities for development in the exchanges and cooperation between the two places. As a Shanghai-Hong Kong enterprise, 800 TeleServices has continued to innovate at a constant pace since its establishment, consolidating its leading position in the industry, and setting a benchmark for Shanghai and Hong Kong businessmen. Going forward, 800 TeleServices will continue to shoulder the mission of promoting the common development of Shanghai and Hong Kong. Through the sharing of our own experiences, we will actively promote exchange activities between the two global cities, and contribute to the cooperation and development of Shanghai and Hong Kong.