800 TeleServices Dissects Company Development And History For Entrepreneurs

On March 30, a panel co-sponsored by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Hong Kong (Regional) Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai Overseas Chinese Friendship Association, Shanghai Overseas Exchange Association, Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, Shanghai Overseas Chinese Association, Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association, and Shanghai International Chamber of Commerce was held at the KIC Conference Center. This time, the theme revolved around the three themes of “Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship”, and Ali Fish General Manager Mr. Tian Hao, Dook Book founder Mr. Nan Hua, 800 TeleServices CEO Mr. Alex Wong, and Shui On Real Estate executive director Mr. Bin Zhang were attended the event. many industry associations, entrepreneurs and industry insiders gathered to discuss new ideas for the development of entrepreneurial enterprises. In particular, Mr. Alex Wong was invited to give an enthralling keynote speech at the meeting.


800 TeleServices CEO Mr. Alex Wong gives a keynote speech at the event


In the speech, Mr. Wong conducted an in-depth analysis and discussion on issues such as the relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship, and how to use innovative thinking to drive the development of entrepreneurial enterprises. Taking the development of 800 TeleServices Group as an example, he listed in detail the four stages that entrepreneurs generally face on the road to innovation. At the beginning of the venture, limited by capital, technology and scale, companies can only solve general problems for customers. These problems are usually what customers can do but don't want to do. However, with the development of the enterprise, it will gradually enter the first stage, that is, the stage of knowledge accumulation. At this point, companies will find many difficulties in succession, but they must not stop. Diligent thinking and proactively solving industry problems can continuously expand the customer base and build a brand image. The second stage of entrepreneurship is to do things that customers can do but are not doing well enough in. In order to achieve the goal of higher efficiency and higher quality, 800 TeleServices introduced refined management techniques at this stage, including Lean Six Sigma, ISO9001, ISO27001, 5S management, and other international-standard management systems, which greatly streamlined the process and improved efficiency, thus improving customer satisfaction. The third stage of entrepreneurship is to do what customers want to do, but can't. At this stage, 800 TeleServices introduced technologies such as big data analysis and voice-to-text interpretation, and expanded the communication platform and service channels to extend the service outsourcing business to new areas.  Today, the company is on the fourth stage of innovation, the stage of changing the business model. In order to break through the limitations of traditional thinking, 800 TeleServices adheres to company tenets of “Experience, Innovation, and Human Touch”, continuously learns advanced development models and experiences, and combines its own characteristics to focus on customers and keenly explore the potential needs of customers, forming a unique developmental path.


Mr. Wong pointed out that sustainable development of enterprises must use new concepts to guide management, guide innovation with new standards, motivate employees with new mechanisms, survive within change, seek new developments in innovation, and respond to changing market conditions. Enterprises need to gradually establish global thinking in the development process, keep up with the pace of the times, grasp the market context, in order to stand firm in the present while also focusing on the long-term; not only to meet the needs of the current business management, but also to comply with the subsequent development of the enterprise. They must design a strategical system and overall planning of the organizational structure of the enterprise, and establish a response system that can respond to changes in market information in a timely manner. He also encourages young entrepreneurs to face their setbacks, seize opportunities, work hard to realize their dreams, in order to create a new world.


The speech gave a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the use of innovative thinking on the road to entrepreneurship, and shared the experiences that led to the success of 800 TeleServices in the past 19 years. The guests gave thunderous applause and a warm reception to Mr. Wong's speech.


The success of this forum is of great significance to the innovation and development of entrepreneurial enterprises. It not only expands the connotation of entrepreneurship, but also strengthens the role of enterprises as an innovation engine. As one of the largest service outsourcing companies in Asia, 800 TeleServices has never stopped the pace of innovation since its inception, and continues to consolidate its leading position in the industry. In the future, 800 TeleServices will continue to carry out the mission of industry advancement  as always, in order to satisfy new changing needs, and set a benchmark for the new development of the service outsourcing industry.