800 TeleServices Wins Multiple Awards At Global Service And Outsourcing Leaders Conference

On March 21, Devott, ChinaSourcing, and Cubic Creations jointly hosted the Global Service and Outsourcing Leaders Conference 2016 at the InterContinental Hotel in Foshan, Guangdong. Mr. Alex Wong, CEO of 800 TeleServices, was invited to attend the event. Based on the theme of “breakthroughs”, the conference was based on the international market, bringing together outsourcing industry experts, contractor executives, service outsourcing executives, industry organizations, and multinational corporations in the world's core contracting countries, receiving countries and emerging market countries. Executives, innovative corporate executives, and investment and financing institutions executives attended the conference to discuss the future of the global industry and build new rules for service and outsourcing.


At the conference, Mr. Alex Wong shared with other participants his experience and ideas in his own company's development as an example to explain the three stages of service outsourcing innovation: process innovation, service innovation to business model innovation; and discussion revolving around the problem of how to find the pulse of innovation so that companies can stand out among the competition. In fact, it has always been the constant adjustment of development strategy, constant innovation of concepts, and the continuous exploration of the value-added services in the field of outsourcing, which has enabled 800 TeleServices to always be at the forefront of the times in the ever-changing wave of progress.


800 TeleServices CEO Mr. Alex Wong speaks in front of the audience.


At the subsequent  “Tops Series” Awards Dinner, the results of the “Tops Global Outsourcing Service Providers – China Top 50“ 2015 (TGOSP 2015) were also officially announced. Continuing the previous eight-time service outsourcing enterprise selection trend, this year's selection has paid more attention to the professional thinking and vitality of international service outsourcing, and has consulted with the world's most authoritative seven major industry organizations and the three top consulting organizations in the field of international service outsourcing, as well as four famous research institutes, in order to select the top 50 service outsourcing enterprises, the top 20 ITO companies and the top 20 BPO companies.


Thanks to our outstanding performance in service and innovation, 800 TeleServices won the Top 50 Global Outsourcing Service Providers in China 2015, the TOP Global Outsourcing Service Providers in China 2015 – BPO Top 20, and the China Enterprise-level Service Innovation Golden Scale Top 100 Award. In particular, the company's independently developed product, the EMIS property management system, was selected for the China Golden Scale Top 100 Award, marking new heights reached by 800 TeleServices' independent innovation.


800 TeleServices receives  Top 50 Global Outsourcing Service Providers in China 2015 (left),  China Enterprise-level Service Innovation Golden Scale Top 100 Award (middle), and  TOP Global Outsourcing Service Providers in China 2015 – BPO Top 20 Award (right)


Innovation is everlasting. Through a series of innovative measures, 800 TeleServices managed to break through the limitations of traditional thinking, and build a new service system that provides customers with increasingly sophisticated services. "Experience, Innovation, and Heart-to-Heart Communication" is the goal that 800 TeleServices always pursues, alongside the driving force for continuous advancement. In the future, 800 TeleServices will continue to innovate, develop more high-quality products, continuously improve the customer service experience, and contribute more to the development of the service outsourcing industry.