800 TeleServices Wins Best Manager Award At Alibaba Event

Recently, the first Alibaba Group Customer Experience Group Partner Conference was held in Hangzhou, and Ali partners situated in Greater China participated in the event. As one of the largest and most cooperative customer service outsourcing service providers of the Ali Group, 800 TeleServices Group was invited to attend the conference.


During the conference, the Ali Group expressed its full confidence in support of its partners over the years, and presented awards to some of its partners. In particular, the Best Manager Award was received by 800 TeleServices subsidiary Kunshan Huafan's Alibaba Group Customer Experience Group (CCO Line) operation manager, Song Chen.


Pic above: Kunshan Huafan CCO Line Operation Manager Song Chen receives Best Manager Award


Song Chen has previously received the Singles' Day Best Operations Award 2013 and Singles' Day Best Ali Partner Individual Award 2014. Thanks to his excellent leadership skills, he has now also won the Best Manager Award.


“Stay understanding but not apathetic, calm but not numb, passionate but not flattering, humble but not self-deprecating” is Song Chen's motto, which has accompanied his thirteen years of work and daily life. He has dedicated the best part of his youth to the cause that he fought for.  He said: "As a manager, we need to maintain proper amount of anxiety and a sense of crisis, and not to be immersed in the security of the moment." He set an example in his work, and his serious and persistent attitude affected not only the Tmall business, but also drove the working atmosphere of the entire CCO line and laid a solid foundation for the growth of the project. It is because of his thirteen years of hard work and persistence that he has achieved today's results and set an example for his peers.


We would like to congratulate Song Chen again, and wish him to continue leading the team even greater heights!