800 TeleServices Speaks On AI Services Integration With “One Belt, One Road”

On December 12, the China Council for International Investment Promotion, Internet Customer Center Consortium, and Huishui Municipial Government, Huishui Big Data Administration, HTC MDong Technology, and Guizhou Forerunner College jointly hosted a “One Belt, One Road” AI Services Integration Forum at Guizhou Bainiaohe Digital Town, under the theme of 'Technology Leads the World, Talents Decide the Future'.


The forum aims to provide a high-quality communication platform for related enterprises and institutions engaged in customer center and service outsourcing industry. 800 TeleServices was invited to participate in this forum to share  artificial intelligence developments and human resource needs trends.



800 TeleServices Chairman and CEO Mr. Alex Wong was invited as a guest to share a speech on the theme of New Technology and Service Integration. In the talk, Mr. Wong specially pointed out, “800 TeleServices has accumulated a lot of process management and training experience during its 20 years of development. Therefore, we have strong advantages in business development such as artificial intelligence integration services and data and business intelligence analysis services. For example, the company's business process management system, EMIS, was developed through years of customer management experience and the latest AI artificial intelligence technology. Customers request services via telephone, mail, WeChat, or app, and the system automatically arranges according to demand. The work orders are processed in the shortest time possible, and the service level has improved according to customer feedback. At present, EMIS has served more than 120 projects, covering more than 7,500 square meters of property area, and reaching over 100,000 users. The annual work order volume exceeds 700,000 orders, which has won unanimous praise from users. For 800 TeleServices, EMIS is only the beginning, and the development of AI is bound to make the modern service industry face new opportunities and challenges. Therefore, the introduction of AI talents, it is also crucial for us."


Over the company's history, “Experience, Innovation, and Human Touch” have been the core tenets of 800 TeleServices. Providing customers with comprehensive services, improving customer satisfaction, and improving service quality are the unchanging ideals the company strives for.