Adwords Next Step In Reaching Success

On March 28, 800 TeleServices Group subsidiary Taiwan Huafan Internet Marketing Co., Ltd. worked with world's largest search engine company Google to hold an event at Google's Taiwan center themed around 'The Key To Being Seen'. This event brought together tourism, investment, beauty, real estate, online and offline education company executives and leaders, and shared with others how to make better use of Google keyword advertising and YouTube advertising in order to enhance the effects of corporate advertising and corporate image.

During this event, Huafan Internet Marketing senior manager Mr. Zhibin Hu shared information on Google Adwords as a product, under the theme of how to be more visible on the internet. Nowadays, the Internet has quietly penetrated into various fields, and people's lives are inseparable from the Internet. According to authoritative statistics, Internet access rate in Taiwan has been increasing every year over the years. The usage rate of smartphones and tablets has gradually replaced desktop computers. Internet access through mobile terminals allows you to access various types of information online anytime, anywhere. Today, most of the world's netizens use Google to conduct product inquiries and learn about the information and features of various products. Based on people's behavioral characteristics, Google launched the "Adwords" network promotion method.


Google Adwords is characteristic in that it is low-cost and high-efficiency, and integrates all internet media promotional methods in order to target potential consumers, and apart from helping enterprises of various sizes promote their products, it can also improve awareness of their products in general.


After the conference, the audience expressed a deep interest in learning more about “Google AdWords”. Several senior managers from other companies approached our Taiwan Huafan representative, and agreed to work together on thee spot. At the venue, 800 TeleServices Group CEO Mr. Alex Wong expressed, “As a certified Google Global Partner, Huafan Internet Marketing will continue to dissect various data in order to understand consumer trends, and use the data to choose the appropriate internet media in order to present clients’ products to the customers, and bring the largest possible profits to our client.