Huafan Awarded CTI Forum Editors' Choice Award 2018

Over the past 20 years, 800 TeleServices has accumulated experience in cooperation with customers in different business areas to become the leading professional BPO service provider in Asia, and champion the spirit of innovation. The company holds a number of software copyrights, and has launched a number of different areas of professional services such as artificial intelligence integration services, e-commerce outsourcing services, data analysis services and the latest property and chain store management information services.

Among them, Huang Xiaoman is the assistant vice president of the service and development department, leading the project implementation team to manage project implementation for important customers, ensuring that the project is delivered on time while maintaining customer satisfaction. In addition, Huang Xiaoman is responsible for the development of new products and services, adding more technological elements to the traditional outsourcing customer service and process outsourcing, and moving towards big data and artificial intelligence. The new generation of property and chain store management process information service solution (EMIS),  developed by the company, has been highly evaluated by customers in the actual use of the industry.


As part of the first wave of foreign-capital enterprises with legally-operated outsourcing call centers, 800 TeleServices has used its years of rich experience in order to solidify its position as an outstanding company in the field. However, 800 TeleServices did not stop there, and used the concepts of the internet and big data to lead the call center and service process outsourcing industry into the “hi-tech” age.