Kunshan City Government Leaders Visits 800 TeleServices

On June 12, Kunshan City deputy mayor Mr. Lizhong Xiao and his team of experts visited 800 TeleServices' headquarters, the parent company of Kunshan key business process outsourcing service enterprise Kunshan Huapan Information Service Co, Ltd. in order to inspect and give valuable work advice. 800 TeleServices Chairman and CEO Mr. Alex Wong, as well as other company senior executives, was there to provide a warm reception and exchanges.

Mr. Lizhong Xiao (third from right), and Mr. Alex Wong (fourth from left) take a commemoration group photo.

During the inspection process, deputy mayor Xiao inquired in detail regarding 800 TeleServices' current status, main business and future development trends; among them, the research and development and application issues focused on AI-voice artificial intelligence. Representatives from the relevant departments in 800 TeleServices made detailed reports on the topic, and also had a heated discussion and experience sharing with experts, including many of the more prominent cases of using artificial intelligence chat robots. During the conversation, deputy mayor Xiao, as the leader of this exchange, mentioned that building a school-enterprise cooperation channel is a direct way to effectively solve the bottleneck problem of high-end technology application (such as AI artificial intelligence), and this concept is what this exchange is based upon.” Mr. Wong stated, “I am very grateful to Deputy Mayor Xiao for the exchange and sharing with experts with artificial intelligence in colleges and universities. This provides a great platform and channels from which we can further develop the future artificial intelligence business. We have 22 years of rich business experience and full understanding of the characteristics of different industries, so there are many experiences in the commercial application of AI artificial intelligence. We will also invest even more resources in the future, working with university experts to develop more AI application scenarios to serve more different types of industries."

At the end of this visit, Mr. Wong expressed his sincere thanks for the advice and opinions to the Kunshan City officials as the representative of 800 TeleServices, and also stated that this meeting will lead to many productive advancements for the company, and that both sides have learned from the opportunity. At the end, he once again thanked the Kunshan officials for their years of support, and said that he believes 800 TeleServices will continue to contribute to the development of Kunshan.