800 TeleServices Dazzles 7th China International Imports Expo Attendees With New Technology

On April 18, the 7th China International Imports Expo was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. 800 TeleServices was invited to participate in the expo as an outstanding representative of the Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau region enterprises.

At the expo, 800 TeleServices showed off the already-renowned EMIS property management process information service solution and Air Halo medical grade air disinfection machine series, and the latest EMIS chain management process information service solution.

As is widely known, EMIS' unique property closed-loop management approach (work order circulation, asset management, repossession services, inspection services, energy management, report management, environmental improvement) has achieved a leading position in the industry, gaining recognition with both domestic and foreign real estate companies. The EMIS chain management information service solution is also 800 TeleServices' latest self-developed system, mainly for the chain store industry.

Currently within the chain store industry, management software is plenty, but few can provide operation and maintenance service functions. The EMIS chain management information service solution features are: one one hand, it provides high-quality software and services for the chain industry, conducting business anytime and anywhere, and shortening service response time. Meanwhile, digital solutions can be provided to provide efficiency and reduce costs, thus solving problems that cannot be solved by paper reports.

During the event, 800 TeleServices Chairman and CEO Mr. Alex Wong was invited to a press release event as a speaker, and he introduced the company's current developments, and an introduction tothe Air Halo medical grade air disinfection machine that has won the 47th Geneva International Invention Gold Award and has applied for multiple national patents. In particular, Mr. Wong pointed out, “Germs are everywhere nowadays, and thus to protect yourself, you need a healthy environment. Air Halo has both an independent type, and portable and ducted types. It uses  unique high-frequency plasma Plascide® air purification tube technology that purifies the air and can instantly kill bacteria, mold, and viruses in the air – a one-time purification of the source of diseases that removes the element of secondary infection sources that happen during the replacement of traditional filter technology.Apart from sterilization, the molecular structure of formaldehyde is also broken down, making the area of use formaldehyde-free, and is also usable in areas with dense crowds.”

800 TeleServices' goal is to harness the spirit of innovation to provide various professional services for customers in different fields, solve customers' existing problems, and strive to develop more, better and better products.