800 TeleServices Donates Funding For Quilts For Students

Recently, 800 TeleServices concluded its “10 Yuan Movement” charity donation activity. The purpose of this donation activity is as it says, to collect donation gifts of the same amount from employees, and then provide quilts for students at the Wenshu Primary School in Luhuo County, so that they may feel the warmth of 800 TeleServices staff's contributions every night.


At the beginning of the event, both the executives and ordinary employees of 800 TeleServices donated generously and raised the money in the shortest possible time. Relevant colleagues in 800 TeleServices also contacted the quilt supplier in the quickest time, and delivered the new quilt to the school during the cold weather. All 800 TeleServices staff hope that these quilts will warm the children's cold nights and give them enough sleep to meet every day of study and life.

In 2007, after many donations from various sectors of the society, Wenshu School was established in the Zhuhai Pastoral Area of Cicheng. The school has a good educational environment, advanced multimedia teaching equipment and excellent teaching teachers, so that children in Tibetan areas have the same educational opportunities as children in the city. After more than ten years of teaching and operation and private donations from the community, there are currently more than 800 students studying and living here. Here, students gain more than just knowledge, but also gratitude and compassion.


For many years, 800 TeleServices has abided with the service spirit of “Boundless love and gratefulness”,  and is committed to participating in various charitable activities, helping the needy, and using action to showcase 800 TeleServices' strong social responsibility.