800 TeleServices Receives Widespread Praise At China International Imports Expo

On November 5, the first China International Imports Expo was held in Shanghai, attracting exhibitors from across the world to show their products to customers looking to find relevant products.

800 TeleServices attended the expo at the invitation of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. With 21 years of history and experience, the company has become an industry leader in the service outsourcing industry. By working with clients in many industries, 800 TeleServices has amassed experience, innovation, and has launched professional services such as artificial intelligence integration services, e-commerce outsourcing services, data analysis services and the latest launch of property and chain store management information services.


During this event, 800 TeleServices business process outsourcing service received recognition, and the EMIS chain management process information service solution and Air Halo medical-grade air disinfection machine series drew the attention of government officials, the press, property owners, and more attendees.

During a special program for Outstanding Interpretation on the Shanghai People’s Broadcasting Station on November 8, special guests Hong Kong Trade Development Counciland East China and Central China Chief Representative Mr. Winghei Zhong, 800 TeleServices Chairman and CEO Mr. Alex Wong, and the MC, discussed the topic of “How Hong Kong Enterprises in China Can Better Connect with the Mainland Market through the Expo”. Among them, Mr. Zhong analyzed how the Hong Kong Food and Service Trade would conduct more cooperation and exchanges in Mainland China, and using 800 TeleServices' property and chain store information service as a classic example, pointed out, “800 TeleServices uses Hong Kong's advanced property management service concept to serve residents in the Mainland and enhance the overall strength of the property company. The latest version of its chain management system has also improved the latest technology of the Internet of Things. It reflects the spirit of the 'new era, sharing the future' of the Expo."


800 TeleServices uses Innovation as a base for company growth, and will use this China International Imports Expo as a base in order to expand and improve, developing new technologies that will be  useful for customer services in various industries.