800 TeleServices Participates In Shanghai International Property Exhibition, Seeking Future Developments With Industry Experts

On April 25, 2019, the Shanghai Property Management Industry Exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. The exhibition was a gathering of new proposals for cutting-edge property management techniques, and the scope covered property management companies, smart communities O2O, smart security, smart home, self-service facilities, environmental greening maintenance, energy-saving solutions, cleaning and indoor environment products. As an advanced property and chain industry management solution provider, 800 TeleServices was also invited to join the exhibition.

At the conference, 800 TeleServices presented the EMIS property management process information service solution, EMIS chain management process information service solution, and the Air Halo Medical-grade air sterilization machine series to other participants. Both exhibitors or attendees recognized the significance of the EMIS solutions and the Air Halo series.

The 800 TeleServices booth was crowded with people. Both live audiences and industry experts were particularly interested in the overall system + manual integration solution offered. Both the unique closed-loop property management method of the EMIS property management process information service solution (work order circulation, asset management, repossession service, inspection service, energy management, report management, environmental improvement), or EMIS chain management information service saw compliments for its ability at reducing service response times.


In particular, the Air Halo Medical-grade Air Sterilization Machine Series that uses the EMIS system's environmental improvement characteristic drew the attention of the crowd. The series, which has won many international patents for the 47th Geneva International Invention Gold Award, is a unique high-frequency plasma Plascide® air purification tube technology that purifies the air and can instantly kill bacteria, mold, and viruses in the air – a one-time purification of the source of diseases that removes the element of secondary infection sources that happen during the replacement of traditional filter technology. Apart from sterilization, the molecular structure of formaldehyde is also broken down, making the area of use formaldehyde-free, and is also usable in areas with dense crowds.

During the event, Ms. Xu, Director of Business Development and Customer Service Department, pointed out to press, “800 TeleServices is a business process service outsourcing company. Among them, EMIS property and chain management information service plan is also part of our Group's businesses. Unlike other companies, EMIS is not just a software - it is a total service solution. The Air Halo Medical-grade air disinfection machine series as an important part of the EMIS solution, and truly reduces the amount of bacteria and diseases, thu providing a safer indoor environment."


To 800 TeleServices, this is only the beginning. 800 TeleServices will continue to stride forward into the future, and innovate using the company spirit of “Experience, Innovation and Human Touch”, in order to create even more and better products and services for our clients.