800 TeleServices Returns to BOMA China In Even Higher Esteem

On September 5-6, the BOMA China convention was held in Shanghai. The theme this time was how to gather global resources, and how to lead Chinese commercial real estate owner, managers, and service providers forward into future developments through the sharing of practical experiences.

800 TeleServices was graciously accepted by the organizer to attend BOMA China 2019. However, this time the company also presented the upgraded EMIS property management process notification service solutions, and portable Air Halo air purifier to many industry professionals.

As you may know, EMIS was highly praised and approved of by industry professionals at last year's BOMA for its unique closed loop property management style (including work order control, resource management, repossession, routine check, energy management, reports management, and environmental improvements). The upgraded EMIS that 800 TeleServices presented this not ony optimizes the above functions, but also shortens reaction time, data digitizing solutions, and AI image recognition functions. These features can be used to manage not only commercial properties but now chain stores as well.

Furthermore, apart from providing clean air to breathe, the Air Halo air sanitizer also contains high frequency Plascide ion technology, which will instantly kill bacteria, mold, and viruses that pass through the cleaning tube, removing any possible source of airborne infection without risking the possibility of infection when changing filters in conventional filter-based purifier. It is also capable of effectively breaking down formaldehyde molecules, meaning it is very useful in crowded spaces.

Since its release, it has been welcom by the market, and in April, was awarded a Gold Medal in the 47th Geneva Internaltional Exhibition of Inventions, further proving its effectiveness. Recently, it also passed examinations by the Shanghai Institutes of Preventive Medicine, proving its germ-killing capabilities, The portable Air Halo is one of the latest products in this esteemed line of air sanitizer, and has been designed to work with external batteries or USB wired chargin, allowing people to clean up the air to one square meter around the user on the go.

Over its 20 years of development, 800 TeleServices has always maintained its 'customers first' approach, innovating in order to provide value to our customers as part of our core beliefs. Using 800 TeleServices experience alongside the latest technology, we provide top-quality services to our clients.