800 TeleServices Awards 'Top 50 Most Influential Service Outsourcing Enterprises 2018'

On December 19-20, the 2019 Shijiazhuang Service Trade Development Forum was held at Yiling Health City. The forum was hosted by the Shijiazhuang People's Government, and invited over 200 upper management staff from well-known enterprises, industry researchers, and managers from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region to attend, and discuss the themes of 'New opportunities for free trade, and a New Age for Shijiazhuang in Service Trade. 800 TeleServices Group was formally invited to attend as a guest for the forum.

The forum was organized into four parallel ongoing forums, focused around industry integration, AI training, IDC companies and cloud servers, and service trade, etc. respectively. As a forerunner in the industry, 800 TeleServices discussed with many industry professionals and company representatives on the topics of coordinating industry development, increasing widespreadness, and increasing brand effectiveness, in order to plan out the future of the service trade in China.

The Tops Best Practice Selection for China Service Outsourcing Industry is one of the biggest events in the service outsourcing industry in China, was held in Shijiazhuang for the first time. 800 TeleServices was Selected as a Top 50 Most Influential Service Outsourcing Enterprise for 2018, showing the industry's recognition of 800 TeleServices 20 years of experience, and creation of technologies such as the EMIS rosource management system, RPA process management, CHATMASTER multi-channel chat management system, QA management system, VPR voice recognition system, and KB database management report services, and more.

800 TeleServices is an industry leader in China, and "innovation"is our duty. Apart from constantly improving the quality of our services, 800 TeleServices also implements cutting-edge technology into our outsourcing solution packages to satisfy our customer's varied needs with our 'customers first' approach.