800 TeleServices Lauded for Innovation at China Sourcing Summit

On September, the 10th China Sourcing Summit was hosted by the Hangzhou Municipal Government in Hangzhou. The Summit lasted three days, and industry professionals from more than 10 countries like China, USA, Germany, Japan, etc. got together to form over 1,000 attendees. The topics of the Summit was 'Embracing the 5G/AI age, gathering innovation, developing digital services and a digital economy', and over 20 individual events where held, such as discussions and analysis on service outsourcing enterprise quality control, and more. As an industry leader in China's service outsourcing industry, 800 TeleServices was invited to attend the event.

On the first day of the Summit, 800 TeleServices subsidiary Shanghai Huafan was awarded the 'Leading Customer Service Center Enterprise' award, whle 800 TeleServices customer relations operations department Assistant Vice President Ms. Lifang Shen was awarded the 'Leading Individual' award. This is no doubt a recognition of 800 TeleServices' constant development and improvement in the customer service business, and the dedication to developing new technology to further refine and improve the efficiency and quality of services over the past 22years.

On September 28, 800 TeleServices  Business Development and Customer Service Division's Ms. Rowena Xu gave a riveting talk on the topic of simplifying digital services, and the challenges and opportunities customer centers will face under the current trend of digitization. Ms. Xu pointed out modern customer service outsourcing solutions must include the concept of digitization in order to succeed. She cited 800 TeleServices' EMIS system's unique closed loop property management style (including work order control resource management, repossession, routine checks, energy management, reports management, and environmental improvements), and how it shortens reaction time, and includes data digitizaing solution and AI image recongnition functions. These features can be used to manage not only commercial properties but now chain stores as well. 

Although 800 TeleServices has won praise and awards from many organization both locally and abroad, as a company with Innovaiton as one of its founding concepts, 800 TeleServices will continue creating new technologies that can serve as solid foundations to support the development of te customer service center industry.