800 TeleServices and e-Commerce Leaders Congregate For 4th China Electrical Commerce Fair 2013

In October, 800 TeleServices and e-commerce giants gathered together for the 4th China Electrical Commerce Fair 2013, said to be the largest and most influential e-commerce industry exhibition platform in China and Asia, hosted in Beijing by the China e-Commerce Association. Many interested customers went to the on-site consultation with the company's e-commerce marketing experts and the company once again successfully demonstrated our one-stop e-Commerce outsourcing operation services (including an excellent e-Commerce customer service, a perfect e-Commerce management software, and efficient online store promotion services)".

As a call center and e-commerce outsourcing industry expert, Mr. Alex Wong, Chairman and CEO of 800 TeleServices, was specially invited to the 2013 China e-Commerce Growth Summit Forum, and gave an insightful speech on how the Call Center Outsourcing Industry Helps e-Commerce Operations”. At the same time, 800 TeleServices also won the China e-Commerce Association and China e-Commerce Expo Organizing Committee's“China e-Commerce Top 100 Award 2012-2013” in the “Top 10 e-Commerce company Service Providers Award” category, thanks to the company's many successful cases serving globally renowned enterprises. The awards are designed to establish and recognize powerful service providers.

Pic 1: 800 TeleServices Chairman and CEO Mr. Alex Wong providing insight

Pic 2: 800 TeleServices' Mr. Shixiong Huang (third from right) receies the award for the company

After the exchange with e-commerce giants Tmall, Taobao, JD.com, and other large corporations, Mr. Wong expressed that it was an honor to have this opportunity, and expressed, “800 TeleServices has always believed that creating one-stop e-commerce solutions based on the current market situation for traditional businesses, and thus obtaining a great percent of market share, is what clients want. 800 TeleServices has managed to stand out above the crowd in outsourced customer service operations for many local companies, as is the only outsourced call center company to be part of the Top 100 listing, helping tertiary service industries. This shows 800 TeleServices operational abilities and strengths, and our capability to help traditional businesses enter the e-commerce realm as soon as possible. We would like to thank all companies and all our clients for your support and recognition!”