800 TeleServices Partners With Chi Heng For Taobao Charity Store

As an industry leader in the call center and e-Commerce operations business, 800 TeleServices is always committed to the company's social responsibility for social welfare. Recently, after three months of intensive preparations, Chi Heng Foundation and 800 TeleServices jointly developed a new charity service project – the “Chi Heng Foundation Taobao Charity Store”!

Pic 1: Chi Heng Foundation Taobao Charity Store

Since 2010, 800 TeleServices has in many occasions funded and cared for those with special disabilities, through events such as the “Love and Care Visitation Scheme”, the “800 TeleServices Family Day”, the “Eco-friendly bag co-production activity, and more. This time, the company utilized the advantages provided by our company's high-quality call center services, and recruited a group of enthusiastic volunteers full of enthusiasm for public welfare undertakings within the group. After undergoing training in 800 TeleServices' professional customer service techniques, the volunteers helped provide pre-sales and post-sales customer services for the Chi Heng Foundation Taobao Charity Store at no cost, with the aim of raising money for children in need through online charity sales, and to have children who need care to feel the care of society thanks to the help of 800 TeleServices staff.

Pic 2: 800 TeleServices and Chi Heng co-produced eco bags

Regarding this charitable servicce provided by 800 TeleServices, 800 TeleServices Group Chairman and CEO Mr. Alex Wong stated that the cause was derived from the company's service motto of serving society, and stated: “Since 1997 to 2013, during every Blood Donation Day, every tree-planting festival, every charity bargain sale, every charity performance, 800 TeleServices has for 16 years been a constant force in contributing to society thanks to our passion towards social responsibility and attention to public welfare. This latest charitable action is just one new venture in showing our love and support. While 800 TeleServices thrives and grows, we also hope to give back to society with sincerity, and spread this love further and furthermore.”


Chi Heng Foundation Introduction: The Foundation was established in 1998, and was registered as a legal charity organization in Hong Kong in June 2002. The meaning of “Chi Heng” is to use wisdom upon taking action. The Chi Heng Foundation’s core philosophies are to use knowledge to take action, and help those in need, including focusing on AIDS prevention for those vulnerable, and taking care of AIDS patients, and affected children. Since 2002, the Foundation has provided support for children affected by AIDS in China, so that they may continue their education. By June 2012, Chi Heng Foundation has provided support for around 9200 children, including primary school, secondary school, and university students.