800 TeleServices Partners HK General Chamber of Commerce To Help Sowers Action

Pic: The first wave of charity donations: “Coats for Yunnan Poor”

Acts of love cannot flow alone – it is by banding together that we can form a river of caring.

On November 23, the HKCCC and Sowers Action successfully concluded the “Walk for Healthiness” charity activity, alongside 800 TeleServices' active participation. This was the second wave of the “Bringing Warmth Hand in Hand” campaign, with the first being the “Coats for Yunnan Poor” charity donation. The main activity of the event is to collect money in the form of running, walking or climbing stairs, and accumulating the number of kilometers through the sports pedometer software to purchase clothes for mountain children. The activity officially began in July, and thanks to 800 TeleServices extensive publicity campaigns, internal staff participants were spurred and enthusiasm continued to rise. By the end of the event on the 23rd, the total number of steps taken by participating employees was close to 2,500,000, and 92 employees from various project team were on the list. Thanks to the two activities, the company was able to push our drive for charity efforts to a new height, in line with the motto of “Shanghai-Hong Kong cooperation for a future of love and warmth”.

Established in 1992, Sowers Action is a non-governmental, non-religious, and non-profit charity recognized by the government. Over 20 years of love and support to the Hong Kong community has made Sowers Action into one of the city's most influential nonprofit organizations. The “buds” that are sown are meant to mean students, while the sowers are schools. Thanks to all the attention they provide to all walks of life, and the tireless and unselfish efforts of the people involved, Sowers Action has gradually been accepted by the public, and their fundraising ability has been increasing year by year.

HKCCC is a long-term supporter of Sowers Action. It is a non-profit, business and social organization that promotes economic and trade cooperation and cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and China, strengthens links with relevant domestic institutions and business units, and their contributions have helped play a significant role in spreading the spirit of charity and love. As a member company of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, 800 TeleServices is delighted to passionately involve ourselves in charitable causes and actively participate in various charity activities, and in the first wave of Sowers Action's charity campaign, 800 TeleServices funded a total of over 100 clothes for the poor students in the mountainous areas of Yunnan. Every year, 800 TeleServices will continue to take the extra step and donate our portion of love to charities, local communities, children in remote mountainous areas, etc., and bring love to more people who need help.

Through this activity, 800 TeleServices showed the love and care of our employees, and support towards charity activities. In the coming future, we shall continue our support, and provide care to children in need so that the love and care shall be ever-flowing.