Shanghai Huafan Certified As National-Level Hi-Tech Enterprise

Recently, Shanghai Huafan Information Service Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of 800 TeleServices Group, successfully passed the national high-tech enterprise audit and became the second batch of high-tech enterprises in Shanghai in 2015, and obtained the “Hi-tech Enterprise” certificate. The certificate is jointly issued by Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, Shanghai Municipal State Taxation Bureau and Shanghai Municipal Local Taxation Bureau. According to the regulations, only when the core indicators such as the proportion of R&D investment, the proportion of high-tech products, and the ability to innovate in technology meet certain conditions, can this be recognized. The certification of a high-tech enterprise this time is undoubtedly a recognition and confirmation of Huafan's breakthroughs in innovation in the field of service outsourcing.

Pic above: Huafan certified as National-Level High-tech enterprise

As an industry pioneer in call center outsourcing, e-commerce solutions and big data analytics in the Asia-Pacific region, Huafan is committed to providing professional services to its customers, no matter the industry, and whether the business is domestic or international. Huapan's call center outsourcing services involve customer care, marketing value-added, technical support and outsourcing services. It has not only successfully passed the certifications of ISO9001, ISO27001, etc., but also has perfect management and management capabilities, and has many scientific and technological achievements, and has established a strategic partnership with a number of high-tech units. 

For a long time, Huafan has always adhered to the corporate culture of “Experience, Innovation, and Heart-to-Heart Communication”, comprehensively applying new technologies, new ideas and new business models, and strengthening the transformation and upgrading of the traditional service outsourcing industry to improve service connotation and market competitiveness. At the same time, Huafan vigorously advocates innovation for all employees, and encourages employees to continuously learn and make progress, uncovering hidden gold with our teams that can help transform the current service model, and thus provide through various ways a distinctive service experience for our clients.

With the continuous integration of today's social economy and technology, innovation capacity as an important productivity has increasingly received the attention of all sectors of society. The recognition of high-tech enterprises will enable China to gain more policy concessions and financial support in terms of technological innovation of enterprises, which will help China to accelerate its strategic pace and enhance its competitiveness. In the future, Huafan will continue to maintain the pace of innovation and innovation, and make greater contributions to the steady development of service outsourcing!