800 TeleServices Wins CTI Forum Editors' Choice Award 2014

On December 22, 2014, renowned domestic and international call center institute CTI Forum held the Industry Application and Market Analysis Forum & CTI Forum Editors' Choice Awards Ceremony 2014 in Beijing. This time, 800 TeleServices won the Editors' Choice Award for Call Center Outsourcing Solutions in 2014. Additionally, 800 TeleServices customer relations operations senior manager Ms. LiJun Feng graciously received the Editors' Choice Award for Best Management Individual in 2014, representing the company.

Pic above: Ms. LiJun Feng receives her award

Pic above: 800 TeleServices CTI Forum Editors' Choice Award for Call Center Outsourcing Solutions in 2014

The event brought together a large number of leading companies including call centers, enterprise communications, operations and value-added industries. Through communication with peers and corporate leaders, more companies have gained a better understanding and understanding of 800 TeleServices' call center and e-commerce solutions.

As a professional enterprise that provides call center outsourcing and e-commerce outsourcing operations, 800 TeleServices has successfully completed more than 500 projects in the the company's 17 years of development, helping customers improve their market influence. Being awarded the CTI Forum Editor's Choice Award once again is further proof that 800 TeleServices is an industry leader. 800 TeleServices also hopes to continue to share its market experience with the industry while continuing to expand its influence in the future.