Shanghai Huafan Chosen As Outsourcing Practical Experience Training Center

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce announced the list of the first batch of 24 service outsourcing talent training and training bases in the city.  After a strict qualification assessment and on-site assessment, 800 TeleServices subsidiary Shanghai Huafan Information Service Co., Ltd. was honored to be the first batch of “Shanghai Service Outsourcing Talent Training Base”. This is a continuation of Shanghai Huafan Information becoming a "Shanghai Service Outsourcing Key Enterprise (issued by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce)", "Shanghai Zhongqiao College Internship Employment Base", and "Professional Trainee Base (issued by Shanghai Labor and Social Security Bureau)" "Talent training and transportation base (issued by Beida Jade Bird Shanghai Branch)", and government and social enterprises to promote the training of Shanghai Huafan information promotion service outsourcing talents, accelerate the selection of service outsourcing talents for enterprises, and achieve a win-win situation for college students, enterprises and society that has received recognition and acknowledgement.

Over the years, the structural shortage of talents has become a core issue that has plagued the development of China's service outsourcing industry. Especially in recent years, faced with the trend of cross-border integration of industries and the competition for talents in other industries such as e-commerce and software, the problem of “outstanding talent shortages” in service outsourcing in China, in particular, the shortage of compound talents who understand both service outsourcing and vertical industries, has further intensified. Entering 2014, the gap in talents of China's service outsourcing enterprises will increase every year. As a leader in the field of call center outsourcing in Greater China, 800 TeleServices has become a human resources partner of many internationally renowned companies. In recent years, it has successfully cultivated a large number of service outsourcing talents through various methods such as “800 TeleServices class”, in order to provide customers with high quality services. In the future, the company will continue to actively promote the training and training experience of service outsourcing talents, and hope to accelerate the development of the service outsourcing industry in Shanghai.