800 TeleServices won "top 20 business process outsourcing enterprises in China"

After winning the "TOP20 best practices in BPO business of China service outsourcing enterprises" in 2010, 800 TeleServices has been awarded the "TOP20 business process outsourcing enterprises in China" in 2012. During the period, Alex Wong, chairman and CEO of 800 TeleServices, attended the award ceremony and was invited as a guest speaker to participate in the high-end dialogue of "2013 China service outsourcing leaders annual meeting" jointly held by China outsourcing network and Devott service outsourcing research institute in Binhai new area, Tianjin.




Since the first BPO TOP20 selection was launched in 2010, the enterprises selected in the BPO TOP20 have become a banner of China's BPO industry and the best representative of China's service outsourcing industry in international competition. This time, the organizing committee will strictly continue to use the "five forces model" to conduct comprehensive assessment of China's local bpo enterprises from five dimensions of operation, growth, professional, development and innovation, aiming to select outstanding representative enterprises, so as to set a benchmark and lead the industry to the international market. 800 TeleServices won the BPO business process outsourcing TOP20 again, on the one hand, confirmed 800 TeleServices through the development of recent years, give full play to the process management, talent, technology, experience, customers, business model and other advantages, through continuous enhancement enterprise's core competitiveness, actively to high-end industrial chain extension of BPO, collection of data processing, voice services, software research and development of BPO, business process management consulting and training services business process outsourcing (call center and e-commerce) the strength of the service; On the other hand, it also means the consolidation of 800 TeleServices  leading position in the BPO industry.


On the two awards, the chairman and chief executive of 800 TeleServices, Alex Wong, said, "the two awards, from 'TOP20 BPO best practices' to' TOP20 BPO business process outsourcing companies', are a recognition of 800 TeleServices’ achievements in BPO outsourcing management. Since the establishment of 800 TeleServices, in the past 16 years, we have built up an excellent outsourcing professional management team, with international leading service level and management innovation strength, and successfully established its own brand image in the industry. In the future, we will continue to share our experience in this area with the Chinese BPO industry and enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese BPO enterprises."