Expansion of the Kunshan Delivery Center

Entering 2011, the scale as well as the business scope of 800 TeleServices Group has significantly developed. In order to meet the growing business demands, in August, the second phase of the expansion project of 800 TeleServices Kunshan delivery center started. The expansion project is planned to increase the seats from 650 to 900, while making further expansion of the other functional area. The total construction area of the entire center is estimated to be over ten thousand square meters after the project completes.

The new functional area contains the functions that closely relate to the staff's working and leisure activities, including the training (E-learning classroom, theater), restaurant and activity venue (game room, activity room), excellent performance center, laboratory, etc.

The brand new multi-functional delivery center will provide the staff with more comfortable work environment, thus ensuring our clients to get high-quality and stable service, and make full preparations for new business development.