Awarded the National Service Outsourcing "School-Enterprise Cooperation" and "Best Employer"

Recently, Committee of Experts on China's Service Trade Association under the Ministry of Commerce selected the first batch of enterprises and institutions which make positive contribution to the development and talent training in the service outsourcing industry. After two months’ evaluation by the experts, 800 TeleServices Group eventually won the national service outsourcing "Talent Training School-Enterprise Cooperation Contribution" and the "Best Employer" awards.

800 TeleServices has attached great importance to the attraction and training of campus talents. With the rapid development of call center and e-Commerce, keeping on cultivating more new industry talents and offering better job opportunities for graduates, have become the focus of 800 TeleServices' work. 800 TeleServices has been conducting exchange with schools across the country, and make new attempts in school-enterprise cooperation model in recent years. In March, 800 TeleServices officially signed an agreement with the Jiangsu Yancheng Technicians' College, to establish a class under the name of 800 TeleServices. The class will merge the industry conditions, company culture, career path, job requirements, etc. into the students' courses. And 800 TeleServices also built a classroom with advanced equipments in the school to enhance students' real experience. Meanwhile, 800 TeleServices invested significant resources in staff career development, training, working environment, leisure activities and many other aspects. The "Best Employer" and "School-Enterprise Cooperation" Awards are high recognition of the working efforts of 800 TeleServices.


The classroom under the name of 800 TeleServices