800 TeleServices Adopts the Lean 6-Sigma Methodology


As an advanced management method with the goal of pursuing continuous quality upgrading based on data, lean 6-Sigma has become one of the most important management tool and development strategies for enterprises who seek for excellency. After detailed preparation in the last 6 months, 800 TeleServices will set up task force for four major projects/departments in April to implement the lean 6-Sigma initiative. We aiming through the lean 6-Sigma implementation, these projects can further optimize the working procedure, reduce costs while improving quality and increase customer satisfaction.


The driving force for the implementation of lean 6-Sigma comes from the concept of Continuous Improvement of 800 TeleServices. All departments in the company will be fully involved in the initiation, training, evaluation and other key procedures. After successful pilot run of these key projects, lean 6-Sigma philosophy and methodology will fully integrate into 800 TeleServices. We hope to optimize the way of our inherent thinking and working habits by introducing this scientific method, and try to pursue excellency and perfection in each process and every detail.