Huafan Information Awarded China Best Customer Service Center Technological Application And Innovation Award

On September 14, the Customer Service Innovation Conference 2017 was held in the Westin Shenzhen Hotel. The conference was led by the China Association of Communication Enterprises, and co-organized by CTI Forum and the Shenzhen Call Center Industry Association. With the theme of “seizing early opportunities in the digital transformation of the contact center industry”, the  conference attracted many authoritative experts and corporate leaders in the industry to join.



As a pioneer in China's service outsourcing industry, Shanghai Huafan has firsthand experienced the development of China's service outsourcing industry. Huafan Information has continued to stay at the forefront of the industry, from the initial one-on-one human telephone customer service, to mail processing, and subsequent social multimedia services, until  the current era of AI services. At present, Huafan Information's businesses provide clients with interactive services, enterprise business process management services, artificial intelligence integration services, data and business intelligence analysis services, training and consulting services, digital marketing, and logistics services based on years of customer service outsourcing services. These services are based on the needs of existing customers and the future of China's service outsourcing industry.


As a leading company in the domestic call outsourcing industry, Huafan Information has always regarded “innovation” as an important mission of the company. In the course of many years of development, we have successfully implemented more than 500 projects for well-known enterprises at home and abroad, providing customers with a variety of different customer services, and enhancing their market influence. At the conference, CTI Forum deputy general manager Ms. Zhihuan Li mentioned: “Huafan Information obtaining the China Best Customer Service Center Technology Application and Innovation Award 2017 is a testament to the company's leading position in the innovation of the field. We also hope that Huafan Information will continue to develop different types of services in the future, provide customers with more advanced technology, improve service quality,  continue to expand its influence in the industry, so that the industry has more choices to offer."