800 TeleServices Wins Multiple Awards at Alibaba Conference

On April 11, the 2nd Alibaba CCO Department Annual Partner Conference was held in Hangzhou, China, with Ali partners across Greater China invited to join the event. As one of the company's longest partners and largest customer service outsourcing provider, 800 TeleServices subsidiary Kunshan Huafan attended the event.


During the conference, Ali Group expressed its full recognition of the support of its partners over the years and commended some of its outstanding partners. In particular, Kunshan Huafan won the “Five Years Commemoration”, “Double 11 Outstanding Contribution Award” and the “Outstanding Service Individual Award, and was nominated for the “Way of Life Award”. Among them, the "Five-Year Commemoration Award" was received by Huafan Assistant Vice President Mr. Zhangli Qitian; the "Double 11 Outstanding Contribution Award" was awarded to Tmall merchants Senior Director Yang Xu; and Taobao consumer service staff Kong Fan (Huang Huafeng) won the "Outstanding Service Award". The audience provided the awards presentation with a welcoming reception and applause.


As a leading company in the call center outsourcing industry, 800 TeleServices always insists on providing customers with high quality and high efficiency services to meet the needs of consumers. At the same time, the variety of business models have also met the various business development needs of Ali, and various departments of Alibaba Group have shown their appreciation for our compant. The service quality and customer experience are further enhanced by the Lean Six Sigma approach.


This award is undoubtedly the full recognition and affirmation of Alibaba Group's recognition and trust in 800 TeleServices efforts in the past years, and the deepening of all aspects of future cooperation. With the joint efforts of both sides, future cooperation will surely lead to new highlights, new achievements and new breakthroughs.