800 TeleServices CEO Holds Discussions With Frontline Staff During Kunshan Operations Center Visit

On the first day of work after the extended Spring Festival, despite the number of new patients and suspected patients seemingly under control, people remained vigilant, as a crowded workspace is an easy way for infection to spread. It was a challenge for all companies during these trying times.


As the largest outsourcing call center enterprise, 800 TeleServices runs eight operations centers in Greater China and Japan. As there are many staff spread out across the country and beyond, immense pressure is placed in 800 TeleServices to make sure everyone is safe during this coronavirus outbreak. However, thanks to the hard work of professionals across the company, preventive resources and preventive measures were able to be rolled out in short time, so that staff were all adequately protected.


Furthermore, the conditions and worklife of staff was a topic of deep concern and worry for 800 TeleServices’ CEO, Mr.Alex Wong. During the Spring Festival period, he and other company executives worked tirelessly every day holding meetings to understand staff health conditions, required resources, and other important information.



Today, Mr.Wong specially made a personal visit to 800 TeleServices’ largest operations center in Kunshan to check on preventive measures and talk to staff. Apart from this, Mr. Wong personally toured through employee dormitories to understand how precautionary procedures have been taken, and talking to staff from other areas who proactively decided to isolate themselves, guiding them to take the right attitude in both cooperating with the government measures, and also their work.


800 TeleServices has long upheld the core value that all staff are part of a big family, and that each staff member is key to the company, We believe that 800 TeleServices will be able to unite together during this period of disease, and stay healthy together while serving clients in top form.