800 TeleServices Supports Returning Overseas National Youth Entrepreneurship Competition

Recently, the Returning Overseas National Youth Entrepreneurship Competition 2019 was held, aiming to promote cultural exchanges between local and overseas cultures, and provide cultivation grounds for budding entrepreneurs to grow and speed up their overall services. This year's competition received major support from a majority of Chinese youth, and over 600 people participated. 800 TeleServices Chairman and CEO Mr.Alex Wong was invited to the competition to share his process of entrepreneurship.


As someone who began his business from scratch, Mr. Wong detailed all the ups and downs that have occurred over the past 22 years, but stated that he has never regretted the initial choice. To him, in this age of advancement, there is no other option than to keep marching forward in order to survive and develop further.

During his sharing session, he talked about how 800 TeleServices began in Hong Kong as a traditional service outsourcing company, providing call center services.However, as business expanded, new operations centers were established in, Taipei, Shanghai, Kunshan, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xian, and Tokyo, with the headquarters moved toShanghai. In recent years, there has been rapid major developments in internet technology within China, which is why he positioned the company to develop in hi-tech services, and use hi-tech to innovate in traditional customer service areas.


Mr. Wong also talked about how 800 TeleServices serves clients from many different industries, such as Taobao, Tmall, China Eastern Airlines, China Telecoms, and more. Chatbots are now use to handle the excess burden of orders during Double 11 Day. In the future, 800 TeleServices aims towards helping clients solve problems in their business, and increase customer service efficiency. 800 TeleServices also provides muti-channels contact center outsourcing services, big data analysis, e-Business services, and AI management services. While the company has advanced quite a lot over 22 years, there's still a long way to go, and many unknown opportunities and challenges to face.


Finally, Mr. Wong finished by expressing his hopes that many of the attending young entrepreneurs will be able to fulfill their dreams through their own hard work. The bigger the dream, the more you can endure in pursuit of it. When trouble arises, they must stay calm and search for the optimal solution to solve it. Mr. Wong believes that while success isn't easy to achieve, persisting and continuing on is the key to success.