Hong Kong Journalists Joint Interview: Talk about the New Development of E-Commerce

The Group Chairman and CEO of 800TeleServices, Mr. Wong attended a joint interview with a group of Hong Kong media including HKTDC, Ming Pao, Sing Tao Daily, and iMoney at the Shanghai headquarters on October 15, 2010. Based on the ten years' experience, Mr. Wong shared an in-depth exchange of 800 TeleServices' rapid development in e-Commerce in recent years.


Mr. Wong (right) accepts an interview from Hong Kong journalists

During the interview, Mr. Wong shared 800 TeleServices' rapid growth in e-Commerce and valuable experience we've gained: "With our deep understanding of the e-Commerce platform, together with the advantages of ten years of rich experience in the operation and management of call centers, in the beginning of 2008, we became the partner of Taobao.com, the e-Commerce leader in China, one of the first batch of Taobao partners."


We offers services covering Taobao web store design and construction, daily operation, WangWang chatting, and e-marketing support on Taobao, which greatly speeds up the time for products to reach the market for our customers. Mr. Alex further commented: "We have been using our actions to prove our services and care for the customers. We connect the whole process in an orderly way by e-CRM, which greatly enhance the shopping experience of our customers."


CEO Mr. Wong (center) introduced to the Hong Kong Journalists about the work in delivery center


When asked about the future plans of 800 TeleService in e-Commerce arena, Mr. Wong said: "We hope that with the rapid development of e-Commerce in China, more customers will expand the Chinese market with the help of our experience."


Mr. Wong (third from left) and the Hong Kong journalists