800 TeleServices Invited To Attend Annual Call Center Conference & Expo China 2012


Pic 1: 800 TeleServices Chairman and CEO Mr. Alex Wong gives a speech at the conference.

Pic 2: 800 TeleServicesAssitant Vice President Ms. Shuxin Wang (third from left) expresses her view at a roundtable opinion.


Recently, 800 TeleServices Chairman and CEO Mr. Alex Wong was invited to attend the world's greatest call center industry conference – the Annual Call Center Conference & Expo China 2012, hosted by the International Customer Management Institute at Shanghai Mart, in order to share experiences with peers, and discuss the development of the industry in the future.

During the conference, 800 TeleServices Chairman and CEO Mr. Alex Wong gave a speech to local and overseas professionals in the call center industry, operations managers and over 100 elites in the industry on the theme of 'Taking the Lead, and the Urgency to Innovate', sharing 800 TeleServices' practical experience with advanced management, such as Sigma Six, COPC, e-Learning, a self-developed PMS system and other management systems, and explaining the latest developed techniques for call center management.

At the same time, 800 TeleServices Assistant Vice President Ms. Shuxin Wang was also invited to a roundtable discussion at the Conference, focusing on the topic of the call center industry's urgent need for more resources to support the growth. She and her peers dissected the new economic era and the challenges and opportunities the contact center industry faces during it, and captured the attention of her audience doing so.

After the conference, 800 TeleServices Group Chairman and CEO Mr. Alex Wong expressed, “800 TeleServices and ICMI follows the same core philosophies, and in ICMI’s 20 years of successful experiences, it has continued to utilize its global network and professional experience to bring new techniques and ideas in the call center and customer service management industry into China. 800 TeleServices has also used this opportunity to share our management philosophies to push forward industry progress.”