800 TeleServicese-Commerce Wins “Shanghai Net Goods Fair 2012”


Pic 1: Shanghai Net Goods Fair venue

Following the 14th China Jiangsu International Fashion, Home Textile, and Fabric Expo in mid-September, which was highly praised by visitors, Alibaba recently hosted 2012's largest scale Shanghai Net Goods Fair – In-Home Expo, with 800 TeleServices participating due to the company's experience as a third party service company with a wealth of experience on the Taobao platform.

According to Taobao statistics, since 2009, Taobao's household product sales have grown explosively, with turnover year on year increasing to 130% in 2011, and continuing the speed of growth in 2012. It is predicted that Taobao, Tianmao, and other e-Commerce platforms will have a turnover of over 60 billion in household product sales, and is likely to become one of Taobao's three biggest categories of sold products.

In fact, the data shows that more and more households, and even other industries, require better, and more adequate e-commerce services. As one of the first wave of Taobao partners, 800 TeleServices is ready to meet these demands by customizing our one-stop e-commerce solutions to suit our clients’ needs, including pre-sales advertising, order management, and post-sales operations and customer service operations. Our solutions include excellent quality customer service operations teams, perfectly developed e-commerce management systems, and efficient online store promotion, which can help solve any e-commerce difficulties online stores might face. Using our experience cooperating with famous brands both within China and overseas, and experience in the creation and operation of online stores, 800 TeleServices has become even more capable of accurately pinpointing the needs of online stores, and use this as the basis for providing the most suitable e-commerce solutions and services for our clients.