800 TeleServices Partners With Guangzhou e-Commerce Exhibition

According to the "Guidance Opinions on the Development of E-Commerce in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of the Ministry of Commerce", it is estimated that by 2015, China's e-commerce transaction volume will quadruple to 18 trillion yuan. The application of e-commerce ratio of enterprises above designated size is over 80%; the application of e-commerce to complete import and export trade accounts for more than 10% of total trade; and the online retail sales amount is equivalent to more than 9% of total retail sales of consumer goods.

As the e-commerce industry grows ever larger, e-commerce marketing operation and marketing costs will continue to rise. How to stand out from the wave of e-commerce competitors will become a bottleneck for many enterprises. Last year, 800 TeleServices participated in a series of exhibitions in Hangzhou, Nanjing, and Beijing, in order to provide face-to-face e-commerce consultation with local enterprises. This year, 800 TeleServices accepted the invitation from the Guangdong e-Commerce Association, Guangzhou Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, and Shenzhen E-Commerce Service Center to join the jointly hosted 2014 International e-Business Exhibition (IEBE). The company showed off our comprehensive e-commerce customer service, “EC Genie” e-commerce management software, efficient website promotion, etc. e-commerce services to nearly 20,000 companies from many industries who have already started e-commerce business or are ready to conduct e-commerce business. This is so as to promote the deep integration of e-commerce and the real economy, and promote the transformation of traditional enterprises in South China from a “Millennium Commercial Capital” to a “Modern Commercial Capital”, and help large, medium and small enterprises correctly enter the e-commerce track!

Established in 1997, 800 TeleServices is the premier leading company in the industry for call center and eCommerce solutions, serving both international companies and industry pioneers. 800 TeleServices provides comprehensive customer services via multiple communication channels in order to distinguish, gain, and retain customers, and maximise their value. Our Group has over 3,000 employees, and is prolific across the major areas of the Asia-Pacific, including four call center operation centers in Shanghai (Shanghai Huafan), Kunshan (Kunshan Huafan), Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Our call center experiences include customer service hotlines, dial-in and dial-out marketing, upgrade services, customer enquiry management, etc. Our e-commerce experience includes website planning and creation, online and call center services, online marketing, website management and maintenance and operations services, and data analyses services. Currently, 800 TeleServices' offers our solutions in Cantonese, Putonghua, Minnan, English, Shanghainese, Japanese, and Korean. 800 TeleServices' call centersolutions have been responsible for over 400 projects in multiple industries.