1.Outsourced Contact Centres for All Media

Currently, this is 800 TeleServices' largest-scale business, and we have accumulated over twenty-two years of experience in this field. 800 TeleServices' call centres support traditional phone calls, as well as online chatting, Weibo marketing, email processing, WeChat, and more, as well as our own developed online Chat Master & Analytics System.

Call centres

Outsourced customer services
Customer query hotline
Soft/hardware technical support
Complaint processing
Customer relations and Member management
Database cleansing and updates
Telephone sales
B2B/B2C sales
Invitation services/telephone sales
Cross-selling and upgrade sales
TV/DM/EDM/SMS direct sales and delivery support
New Media Outsourcing
Online chat
Email processing
WeChat and Whatsapp support

Human Resources Training

Using our wealth of experience and industry knowledge, we are able to effectively train workers in customer service skills and on-site management skills, thus providing professional customer services for our clients. We have built up an e-Learning platform that is tailor-made for the call centre industry – Rainbow University, and have converted many years of knowledge and experience into e-Lessons that help our clients efficiently train up new staff for call centres.

Apart from these, we also examine our clients' training material in order to make sure that it reflects the latest trends and skills. We also use various ways to improve our clients' training results, and increase employee professional knowledge.

Our comprehensive training includes:

  • Customer service skills

    Sales techniques

  • Effective communication strategies

    Call centre operations

  • Call centre management

    Service quality management

We also provide insourcing services, and can send staff to manage automated and non-automated answering services.

Consultation Services

800 TeleServices provides a range of consultation services for:

  • Call centre consultation and staff training services

  • Enquiry & CRM software services

  • Training materials review and improvement