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Prefabricated houses or modular homes are built from the inside out. They may take from one week to three months to build, depending on the amount of customizations. Prefabricated houses are made in the following order:
1. First the floor is installed. There is usually a wooden frame underneath it where on the wall panels are then fixed;
2. Secondly the wall panels are assembled and fastened with nails and screws;
3. As soon as the house structure is in place, the electrical networks, gas and water networks are installed, as well as the ceiling and wall cladding;
4. The roof is placed;
5. Both interior end exterior finishing’s, are then added.

The transportation is done with the awareness of possible obstacles, being it a normal procedure that the builders evaluate them before transportation. It is recommended to hire a contractor who can verify the condition of the materials, because transportation is always unpredictable. There should be a foundation already built, upon arrival of the house so that it can have a place stand on. When the house arrives, it is unloaded by a crane and placed on the foundation. The complete frame can be built in one day, the installation of the following components follow: floors, stairs, and all the extras. There are some variables, but virtually all manufacturers guarantee delivery of the home within three weeks to three months.

Buyers can expect to pay less for a prefabricated house. Modular houses offer customization of prices, although these costs are always lower due to the type of construction on an assembly line. Buyers will pay, about 10% to 30% less than they would for a normal house. Due to the fact that prefabricated parts such as windows or walls are constructed uniformly, not requiring a skilled worker, overhead costs are lower. Also, the factories can buy material in large quantities, which contributes to a lower price. Since, prefabricated houses are made within a factory; they are not dependent on weather conditions, which put aside eventual delays and hence extra costs.

A good (if not the largest) portion of the final cost will be invested in buying the plot. Other costs relate to the foundation, connection to networks (electricity, water and gas).

Some companies offer these services if you are willing to pay extra. There is also the possibility of obtaining a "turnkey" price; although it is always advisable, find out to what extent it corresponds to the reality ‘ready to live’.

Obtaining finance can be complicated because of the bad connotation of prefabricated houses, but nowadays, modular homes already have a better connotation.

But why would I want to buy a prefabricated house?
There are many variables in the price of a prefabricated house that hinder a simple answer. Prices may vary from € 20,000 for a house of only one compartment, to € 150,000 for a luxury house of many divisions. Depending on the region and the country itself, the difference for a normal house can be between 10% and 35%.

There are huge advantages to having the house built in a factory!
• All aspects of construction are controlled.
• The weather conditions do not interfere with the building, thus reducing costs.
• All technicians, craftsmen and builders of the house, are part of the same team, all of which are supervised.
• The inventory and the materials are safe from damage due to bad weather and / or theft.
• There are not two budgets, one for materials and another for construction. Everything is enclosed and therefore easier to control.
• The entire process is monitored by inspectors.
• There is no slippage in the original budget or behind schedule.

Prefabricated houses and modular homes come with the same features of a traditional house. There are plans from simple to the sophisticated. Fully equipped kitchens, comfortable bedrooms with “walk-in" closets, bathrooms with whirlpool tubs, central heating, floor heating, electric shutters, etc... You can also choose from a wide variety of exteriors including metal, vinyl, wood, stone, granite, etc. You can also choose variants for the roof, windows, flooring, skylights, patio, walls, fences, etc.

The colors, materials and shapes are within the reach of your imagination, assisted by computer-aided design.Never forget that, in general, these homes are environmentally friendly, with this feature present in the materials and implementation of the house, many are also turned to an energy efficiency improvement. This is a feature mentioned by all buyers: insulation, natural heating (wood is a good example). This is particularly true because of the intrinsic desire of those who design your home; because they understand that this is one of the great advantages of the materials used. Even so, the beauty of a wooden house can be, in itself, one of the major reasons of attraction for buyers. 
In short, there are many factors that can lead to wanting a modular home. Basically, if you are here it is because in part, you have already taken a decision. See what the different companies offer and decide which house you like best. After that, just enjoy all the comfort of a prefabricated or modular home.TIMBER FRAME HOUSES
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