Travel to Egypt in the fall

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Travel to Egypt in the fall

The most popular time to travel — the summer. In many foreign countries summer season coincides with your climate changes. However, not all of us get to spent our summer days  vacationing and some people find that very frustrating. The big question is : where to go in the fall?

Of course, you can go to an exotic resort where warmth is common almost year round, but trips to these places are expensive in almost all the countries of the Mediterranean coast in the autumn months. The most ideal option for travel from September to November is Egypt. In September, Egypt has a very hot climate, almost like summer. Some tourists do not like such intense heat. In October and November on the Red Sea coast is set a more pleasant weather. At the same time in November in Egypt is not cold. If the holiday fell in January, you could safely travel to Sharm el-Sheikh or Hurghada. What is so attractive in resting in Egypt throughout November?

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