Las Vegas, NV USA

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It is known that Las Vegas is one of the world's largest entertainment and gambling. Numerous casinos, luxury hotels, daily concerts, shows and performances attract crowds of tourists from all over the world. It so happened that he drew and us. Unlike most of its visitors, who stock up on heavy purses with a tidy sum for gambling and other amusements, besides the money I took with a heavy tripod. Yes, the casino, no doubt, were my main goals... the objectives of the shooting, of course. That's why I took the tripod harder to remove and, in extreme cases, to beat off from protection. We will start with the city centre. It all looks artificial, the center itself looks like great scenery that comes alive only at night and during the day the heat and the heat does not give rest (just remember Dubai). Although what can you expect from a city that is located in the desert? We walked along, again, fake Venetian canals and looking for where you can have a good Breakfast.

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